30 de março de 2009


A baby there is in London
-She's called Babylondon!
And while walking down the street,
In every tongue that she speaks
always the same repetitive tune:
Welcome to London,
Have fun and excuse me.

She's on the cameras and the screens.
So many eyes're looking for her
That's easy seeing where she's not
Her bealtiful face and wicked smile.

She's one and many
And rather say fuck off,
Burn all the towers
and take a piss on the Queen,
Than bend over and disapear.

Um comentário:

Judô e Poesia disse...

oi,já venho visitando o blog a algum tempo, adorei este poema, e deixo este abraço, não de cumprimento, de agradecimentoos mmentos felizes que passo aqui. Abraços. Domingos.