18 de julho de 2009


The way I've felt That taste In the back of my mouth As of my mind. Hidden places In day time Bonfires at night. The memories Of what might be As what I've felt. Of dreams of pleasure As my fear and pain And those that were lost. Hidden places as daylight Bonfires at night. Those that wipe tears And the ones that bring them. Memories of better summers As a sea reflecting the moon. Of that animal growing up As summer's end as dawn. Hidden places In day light Bonfires at night. Running in the rain or All that time watching rain falling on windows As falling in love And falling out. Hidden places in day time Bonfires at night. Memories of smiles as kisses. Of good fucks And making love As a broken clock And a silver mirror. Those as waves That drawn closer And closer but can't remember.. And the ones that are ever there As if it was them That remembered. Of I am. Hidden places for day time Bonfires for the night.