12 de maio de 2017


Vagabond foxes Alley cats lone wolfs
Under the full moon
Whispers in the night
Silent footsteps
An ancient howl
Echoes in London.

Hot wine smooth
Skin smell of
Hair wet fur
Meadows cities railroads
Light and dark tamed
Animals birds of prey

No return from where
The Beast lies and waits
Clearing in the woods
Dancing by the fire
Candlelight veiled secrets
Open eyes watching.

- I am a predator scavenger of cemeteries
Madhouses insomnia febril
Dreams coming true.

- I am the power
To satisfy your desires
Granting gifts to whom
Is not there, the peace
Following all lamentations.
I speak the tongue of man and ride
The skin of women.

- I am the falcon that lives
In every wild thing.
When you make love
I am beside you
And inside you too.

The fox in the darkness
Hunts and dies on the teeth of wolf or man.
So get your share of this earthly banquet
And drink to me While you can.

Who will be waiting,
When the party is over,
To put you to rest eternally on their bed?