23 de dezembro de 2008


Ávida Leitora Do livro da vida, Leio seu corpo sobre leito frio. É como o papel e como eu escrevo em ti. Meto poesia apago solidão desfolho e foleio suas pétalas páginas, seus orgasrítimos. Escrevo se e, finalmente, inscrevo-me em você. Borras tuas páginas com meus dedos cheios de salíva. Minha seiva e malícia suas bordas dobram. Quero decorar seus diálogos internos e, um dia, beijar tua capa amassada ou rasgada e costurar o miolo caído.


- For Claus and Isis

Was it just a hug
and then we said goodbye
off to the trip in wich i die.

Maybe it was that hug
opening the ground.
When the plane crashed
I... Survived.

While jumping throught those corpses
My heart pumping - Oh! - So fast
For dead people can't hold her.
Butterflies up my spine, feelings unknow.

My next breath catched a plane.
On the city of love I realise
That my time's been postponed
Life, as love, can't wait.
I'm... Alive.


Many pass by Babylondon
While walking down Oxford Street.
Some stay and others go or disapear.
But few can see
Ready to burn
The invisible baby
Tower by tower.

She's on the cameras and the screens
So many eyes're looking for her,
That's easy seeing where she's not
Her bealtiful face and wicked smile.

A baby there in London
-She's called Babylondon!
And while walking down the street,
In every tongue that she speaks
always the same repetitive tune:
Welcome to London,
Have fun and excuse me.

She's one and many,
Rather say fuck off,
Burn the towers
and piss on the Queen,
Than bend over and disapear.